A woman fell in love with a homeless man and gave birth to children from him

 A woman fell in love with a homeless man and gave birth to children from him

She went to Amsterdam in 2006.

While she was sitting on a bench, a homeless man asked her for the time. She was attracted to him despite his filth and greasy hair. Because of a gigantic clock hanging over the bench, Emmy instantly realised that he was trying to get to know her.

She started chatting and instantly connected with him. He had the most beautiful brown eyes she had ever seen, along with a spectacular sense of humor.

A few years ago, Vic went to Europe without enough money. He didn’t get to do everything he wanted, so he decided to do them without money. He slept on the streets and begged for food. He eventually began drinking to cope with his problems. Vic recognized that he had failed in his plans and that he became a homeless drunk.

Five days later, they met once more under the same clock.

They spent all day together, but Emmy needed to return home. She gave Vik her telephone number so that they could keep in touch.

She wasn’t sure if he’d ever see him again but couldn’t stop thinking about him.

On her thirtieth birthday, he phoned her. He went to Vienna for her. Since then, they have been together.

They got married at a historic castle. Thanks to her wife, Vic got a job as an electrician.

The couple now has two children, and Emmy wrote a book“How to Fall in Love with a Man Who Lives in the Bush”.

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