A woman has found her dog that “died” two years ago…Such a heart-touching story

 A woman has found her dog that “died” two years ago…Such a heart-touching story

Mail Trist recently received an email announcing that her beloved dog, a Chihuahua named Jazzy, had been found and taken to the Cowley County Humane Society. This letter seemed like a prank to Trist, since Jazzy died two years ago.

Trist met Jazzy four years ago at the San Diego Humane Society. The dog’s cage had a “do not pet” sign on it. But Trist ignored this inscription because she was sure that the dog would not do anything to her.

“I stroked my gorgeous baby girl and she wagged her tail. It was sotouching. There was a special bond between us,” Trist almost crying told The Dodo.

So a year passed. Trist and her fiancé moved from California to Kansas. Once in a new place and working full-time, she didn’t manage to look after Jazzy. She asked a couple of dog lovers to take care of the dog for a while. However, these people soon disappeared, they did not answer calls and deleted their social accounts. Some time later, Trist’s boyfriend managed to find these people.

“We were told that Jazzy died three months ago. I could not forgive myself for entrusting my dog to strangers. I grieved for a long time and blamed myself for her death,” Trist said.

But the dog had a microchip and….She could not believe that she would see her girl again, that she still had a chance to atone for her guilt for having given her to those people.

“After reading the email, I was confused. I got into the car and drove off. I cried all the way, I could not believe that this was possible, ”Trist said. Trist arrived at the orphanage and saw Jazzie joyfully run up to her.

Words are superfluous here. You can watch the video of their reunion…

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