A woman lost her dog in an accident! She has been looking for her pet for a long time…

 A woman lost her dog in an accident! She has been looking for her pet for a long time…

Over time, pets often become family members. And losing them can be just as painful as losing relatives. Aisha Nives of Allentown, Pennsylvania, went through the same hardship of fate. She lost her dog – Kuvo, a cross between a pit bull and a Rottweiler.

The Nieves family took Cuvo when he was only seven weeks old. The family named their pet after the lion cub from Disney’s The Lion King.

Kuvo lived with their family for about five years. They loved their pet very much and this love was mutual. “We were very close with him. He liked to sleep next to me in my bed. We often walked in the park. Kuvo was a perfect pet,” Nieves told WFMZ.

Everything was just perfect until that unfortunate accident happened. The accident happened near their house. The car crashed into the fence of her house and left a huge hole in it. The driver just left the scene!

Nieves returned home that afternoon and noticed that her dog did not greet her as he had done every day for five years. Kuvo didn’t run up to her and didn’t wave joyfully with his tail. At that time Nieves was pregnant with her son and was very emotional.

She shared this story with Newsweek. Anxiety filled her mind, she thought of the worst. Days passed, weeks, months, which turned into years, but Kuvo never returned.

Years passed, but the search for Kuvo continued. Once she looked into a local shelter and, according to the description, she was told that they had such a dog, but he was adopted.

Then Nieves finally lost hope of finding her dog. She decided not to return home alone – but to adopt another dog. She was shown a brown dog – a pit bull rottweiler! Oh yes, yes, it was him! How can this happen?

So much time passed, but Kuvo remembered his mistress. He excitedly began to wag tails and ran up to hug. Then it turned out that Kuvo was actually adopted, but then returned to the orphanage again because of some financial problems in that family.

“Now our family is complete. Kuvo celebrated his 7th birthday, and we hope we will be inseparable,” Nieves said.


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