A woman took care for a kitten that looked like a plush toy!

 A woman took care for a kitten that looked like a plush toy!

Amanda Kruszynski has been volunteering at an animal shelter for five years, and a year ago, her life changed radically after the arrival of this unusual kitten.

He changed Amanda’s life the way she never expected.

The story started when a cat with kittens was brought to an animal shelter in Broward County, Florida (USA). Someone left the cat and kittens on the street in a large cardboard box. They were found during the rain, soaked to the skin.

The mother of the kittens turned out to be ill. She was tested positive for FIV (feline immunodeficiency). Three of her kittens were as fluffy as their mother, but one of them was indeed special. He had a mutation that cat breeders call Devon -rex. Most likely, the father of the kittens was of this breed.

Devon Rex fur is very short and curly. Their antennae are also curled, and their ears are very large. Devon Rex kittens are very similar to cute plush toys.

Amanda being a volunteer in an animal shelter took care of these unusual kitten, who was called Meeseeks.

Meeseeks seemed smaller than his siblings. He was always cold because of his short hair and was looking for a warmer place, cuddling up to other kittens.

Amanda took the kitten to her home and soon he became so attached to her that he began to follow her wherever she went.  A couple of weeks later, tests for a dangerous viral disease – panleukopenia were taken from all kittens. For such small kittens, panleukopenia is very often fatal.

Amanda took care of the kittens that turned out to be sick day and night. Luckily all the kittens recovered, even little Meeseeks! And he became even more attached to Amanda.

Soon all kittens were ready to be adopted, but it was hard for Amanda to part with little Meeseeks. So she decided to adopt the baby and become his permanent mistress. A little later, it turned out that Meeseeks had also other anomalies and needed to continue treatment.

He was eventually diagnosed with Feline Gastrointestinal Sclerosing Fibroplasia (FGESF). This is a fairly new inflammatory disease that affects the ability to retain food in the gastrointestinal tract.

And Meesiks will have to live with this disease for the rest of his days, being regularly examined and taking B12 injections and anti-nausea medications as needed.

”Meeseeks has always been tough kitty and a real fighter, so I think he can do it in this case too,” said Amanda.

A year has passed since the kitten Meesiks met Amanda. Amanda adores him and says she has a very close bond with him. Amanda takes regular care for a sick kitten and she enjoys every day she spends with Meeseeks.

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