A woman tried to tame a stray cat for a long time, but an orphan kitten helped her in this

 A woman tried to tame a stray cat for a long time, but an orphan kitten helped her in this

Megin is a true cat-rescuer. She takes sick, homeless and abandoned cats and gives them a new life. Everything was ok, until she met a cat, Marinade. Being a very stubborn cat, he didn’t want to be tamed. He remained homeless. 

This continued until he had to take care of a sick baby.

A few years ago, this woman picked up a homeless cat, Marinade, a savage who lived in a pride of stray cats. She dewormed, vaccinated and spayed a ginger kitten. The veterinarian cut off the tip of his ear to show that the cat was sterile, but Megin decided to keep him as a pet, hoping that the cat would not want to return to the street. Megin’s hopes were not justified.

The cat, despite his sincere affection for her, never wanted to spend time with her, always hiding in the back of the house and only coming out when she fed him.

 Finally, the woman, unable to endure the suffering of the animal, opened the door to the garden. The marinade immediately disappeared into the bushes. But soon he returned. He ate and lay down on the sofa. And so the red cat began to live on the street, running into the house to eat and to be petted a little.

This continued until Megin brought Garfield into the house. He was a small red and white kitten, completely ill and severely debilitated. The kid was infected with fleas; he had anemia and internal diseases. Even treating a kitten for fleas and worms in this condition is a risk. But if this is not done, you cannot bring it into your home.

At this age, kittens hiss and pounce on anything that moves, but when Megin brought Garfield home, he was surprisingly calm. The kitten looked for solace wherever he could find it, and eventually found it in the warm embrace of Marinade.

They became best friends. Marinade was always with his little friend. He warmed, licked, looked after, and became an ordinary house cat. When Garfield was taken to the clinic for a blood transfusion, Marinade was terribly nervous.

After the kitten returned, his older companion lay down next to him and began to lick him, as if to say: “Oh, you’re dirty, let’s fix this now”.

Unfortunately, it turned out that the parasites had an irreversible effect on the body of a small animal. His internal organs have been damaged and he will need additional treatment.

But Megin believes in the strength of the spirit of the kitten. Marinade is ready to become a donor for the baby, if necessary. Megin also hopes that when Garfield recovers and goes to his new home, Marinade will stay with her and become a good pet for her.

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