Abandoned Cat Gets Rescued And Goes Viral For His Big Size

 Abandoned Cat Gets Rescued And Goes Viral For His Big Size

On August 22, 2019, a cat named BJ was admitted to Philadelphia’s Morris Animal Refuge. However, this is not an ordinary medium-sized cat, but a large-sized CAT! Specialists examined the cat and came to the conclusion that there are Maine Coon or even saber-toothed brindle genes in his blood. Although, except for the large size, according to external signs, it resembles an ordinary yard cat.

By age, BJ is two years old and has a sad face, but with such a crowd of willing potential owners, very soon he will not have to be sad.
Indeed, to the delight of the shelter workers, after the publication of photos and the story of BJ, many Americans from Philadelphia and even from other states wanted to become his owners. In the photographs where the shelter worker took him in her arms, it is clearly visible that BJ is a little more than a meter in height. And this guy weighs 12 kg!
Not a cat, but a real Goliath!
The shelter staff tweeted an extensive post about him:
“He is not just a cat, but a donut to all donuts. Guess his weight, but height and other proportions? However, this is not the most important thing for Mr. B! BJ is looking for a home! Respond, potential owners! Take this big armful of fluffiness and tenderness into your family. This a huge request to retweet so that this guy finds his home as soon as possible.

This post did not leave indifferent thousands of people! 18.5 thousand people responded in the comments. Among the commentators, many wanted to take BJ into their family.
Also among the users, some doubted whether this is a house cat (given its dimensions, of course) and innocent jokes in the style: “What does he eat? Protein shakes or kids?
However, in most cases, people were touched by his beautiful muzzle and sad eyes, and everyone wanted to take it for themselves in order to dispel this sadness from his muzzle.
An interesting fact: shortly after the publication of the post, the site of the shelter was overloaded. All because too many people left their applications to take the cat to them.

After such popularity, it is not surprising that the cat will soon move to a new home.
Moreover, Mr. B even attracted the attention of the Philadelphia police. And they wrote that if no one wants to take the animal into the house (which they doubt), then they are ready to take it into service as a service cat.
Also, other commentators added that they would like to see the cat’s life through social networks and asked the shelter to add this clause to the contract with potential owners.
I am glad that the cat no longer lives on the street while staying in the walls of the shelter. And there he will find new loving owners!

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