Abused Pitbull Instantly Bonds With His New Friend Rabbit

 Abused Pitbull Instantly Bonds With His New Friend Rabbit

No time or distance can stand in a way of a true friendship. In the past we have already seen friendship between cats and dogs, hence it should be no surprise that a dog and a rabbit could be friends.
Grace had a misfortunate past. She was abused and forced into street fights by her previous owners. So when she finally got adopted by her new family, she found out how love actually can be expressed. Her rescuers found her nailed down to the train tracks.

After Mindy adopted her rabbit she realized she had to take some serious measures to keep the rabbit safe from the other animals. Jealousy can be scary sometimes and unfortunately, it can be pretty dangerous in certain cases.
Mindy was worried Grace would react badly to the new addition to the family.
“She had a difficult childhood. I know what horrible things she had to go through before getting adopted,” said Mindy.

But what Mindy didn’t expect at all is that the two would bond instantly.
“They started to sniff each other. I can’t separate them now. They are each other’s shadows. They follow each other everywhere they go and lick each other all the time,” claims Mindy.

For a pitbull, this kind of affection is a sign of trust and care. Rabbits are in general very friendly.
“The fact that she has been treated and abused so horribly but still continues to love the rabbit so much shows how genuine of a dog she is,” says Mindy.

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