Adorable Beluga whale tried to befriend a seagull!

 Adorable Beluga whale tried to befriend a seagull!

The famous beluga whale, said to have been trained by the Russian military and involved in some clandestine operations, has recently been spotted offshore near Hammerfest, Norway.

Recently, Jan-Olaf Johansen went for a morning walk near the Hammerfest promenade. There he noticed a Beluga whale, which behaved strangely. From a distance it was not clear what the whale was doing. Coming closer, Johansen saw that Beluga was playing with a seagull, which was trying to catch “breakfast” on the surface of the water.

“The beluga played funny with the seagull. You cannot imagine how gentle the whale was. Neat and dexterous movements were specially selected so as not to harm the bird,” Johansen told The Dodo.

You can watch a video of this amazing spectacle here.

But the seagull, unfortunately, was not in the mood to play. Apparently an empty stomach did not allow the bird to think about games. According to eyewitnesses, the bird just flew away.

People were worried about the health of Beluga and how the whale survived in the wild, as it was raised by people and was not very used to wild marine life. But judging by his behavior, he was fine.

He was happy and playful!


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