After being separated from her puppies, this dog adopts three orphaned kittens

 After being separated from her puppies, this dog adopts three orphaned kittens

Esperanza is a mother who lost her puppies and decided to adopt orphaned kittens to give them all the love and care she couldn’t give to her babies.

She lived in the streets of Mexico and knew how unfair life could be. When she was rescued by Coc’s Animal Welfare, they found out she had given birth recently, but they couldn’t find them. They all understood her grief but couldn’t do anything about it.

When all the hope was gone, three orphaned kittens arrived at the shelter. All babies were a few days old. They developed a special bond with the dog throughout the days.

Their relationship surprised everyone. It was a hope for the mother who had thrown everything away.

They received all the love she was unable to give to her own offspring.

The kittens needed a mom to feed them and take care of them. The furry one happily took that role and the rescuers decided not to resist. They allowed them to get to know each other and later the mother’s duties began.

Two weeks later the dog met her new family who wanted to adopt both her and her foster babies.

An American woman was on vacation on the island with her family when they decided to visit the shelter.

The rescuers asked if they wanted to see a one-year-old dog who was nursing a litter of kittens and they agreed. An instant connection formed between Evi’s son and the dog and they decided to adopt the whole family.

At her new home, she has started to receive all the love she deserves. She had never seen dog food or toys when she first got there. But little by little she adapted to the environment.

Her owner said, “She is a one-of-a-kind young lady.”.

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