An introvert’s dream: an ultra-modern hut in the middle of the Alps

 An introvert’s dream: an ultra-modern hut in the middle of the Alps

This small hut is located right in the middle of the alpine forests on the slopes of the Sarreyer, not far from a pretty Swiss village. This hut is a perfect illustration of the famous saying “Don’t judge a book by its cover”.

A hut called Sarreyer is unlikely to attract many surprised looks from tourists mainly because of its appearance, which is deliberately made to give the illusion of an old, dilapidated structure. In reality, this is a truly modern retreat that has all the necessary conveniences and even more.

The first thing that immediately contrasts with its “dilapidated” appearance is the warm and welcoming interior. It is almost entirely made of oak panels, which ensure that even in winter this house remains warm.

During the summer and autumn months, one of the main features of Sarreyer is the abundance of windows distributed throughout the walls of the hut, which will allow vacationers to enjoy stunning views of the surrounding landscapes.

Thanks to special architectural solutions, even though the area is not the largest, the house continues to be “airy” and to some extent even spacious. There is an ergonomic and not at all cramped kitchen, dining and living area on the ground floor.

And the living area is located on the “basement” floor, where guests can relax from daylight in a pleasant twilight. But the most interesting place in the hut is the bedroom, which is located above the kitchen at the attic level.

With an abundance of natural light, it offers guests a cozy and almost round-the-clock escape from the outside world.


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