At The Age Of 7 She Earned Her First Million! What “Little Miss America” Looks Like Now

 At The Age Of 7 She Earned Her First Million! What “Little Miss America” Looks Like Now

The story of Isabella Barrett is simply amazing. She proves that children’s beauty contests allow children to become famous and start earning big money almost from the cradle.

Isabella participated in various competitions and became one of the participants in the show “Toddlers and Tiaras” on TLC. The project is watched by millions of people around the world. It shows the everyday life of girls-regulars of children’s beauty contests. What kind of sacrifices do children not make for the sake of victory? They learn complex dance numbers, go on diets, and undergo various procedures to upgrade their appearance .

Isabella and her parents weren’t wasting their time. As soon as their daughter became famous thanks to the show on TLC, they began to promote her page on the famous social network. When the girl was 7 years old, her parents created on behalf of her daughter the first clothing and jewelry brand called Glitzy Girl. The brand specializes in outfits and accessories for ballroom dancing, gymnastics, and other sports that are practiced by many girls around the world.

Isabella is now 16 years old and has created another sportswear brand, House of Barrett. She demonstrates many models of herself.

By the age of 16, her fortune had almost doubled and reached 1.8 million pounds (128 million rubles). So in addition to the 55 crowns that she won in childhood at competitions, the girl was able to monetize her name and get rich.
Now she buys sports cars and commissions billboards in Times Square. He loves lobsters and can spend 70 thousand pounds sterling (almost 5 million rubles) on a party.

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