Baby monkey plays with the ducklings and takes care of them!

 Baby monkey plays with the ducklings and takes care of them!

Any small animals bring  smile to our faces. They are small, sweet and innocent creatures that have not yet faced the hardships of this life.

These little ducklings have made friends with a monkey that so cutely plays with them. They think the monkey is their new mother. She is so shaggy, but this is only a plus – the fur warms well. The brood of ducklings cheerfully follows the monkey wherever it goes.

So, they even have meals together. Ducklings eat their delicious rice, and a monkey enjoys warm milk from a bottle. Everyone is busy with their own business.

They don’t like to sit still. After they grew up a little, they want to see the territory and learn a lot of new things.

After dinner it is time for sleep. The monkey hugs the ducklings and together, feeling completely safe, they can take a nap.

No one can harm them. Their monkey friend is always with them.

Despite the fact that ducklings are very active, they are also as much obedient. When their “mother” climbs up a tree, they obediently wait for her under the tree.

Watch the adorable video and warm your hear with so much cuteness!

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