Bald But Beautiful! Actresses Who Were Not Afraid To Be Left Without Hair

 Bald But Beautiful! Actresses Who Were Not Afraid To Be Left Without Hair

Femininity is not equal to long flowing curls and lush soft curls. Many famous women have proven that you can shave your head or very short, and still feel confident. Almost all of them did it for roles, but they had to live in a new image for some time in real life.

Here are 15 actresses who have shaved their heads or cut their hair very short.

Natalie Portman

The most famous Hollywood beauty, who not only shaved for the sake of the film, but also did it in front of the camera, and the moment itself entered the cinema. Would you like to see it? See “V for Vendetta”.

Kristen Stewart

In the spring of 2017, the teen idol shocked fans by appearing almost bald, or rather, with a platinum hedgehog. Nothing foreshadowed. “It’s very practical!” — said the actress in an interview.

Demi Moore

Demi was one of the first stars who decided to shave for a role in the film. Then the wife of Bruce Willis got rid of her luxurious dark hair on the set of the military drama G.I. Jane.

Cate Blanchett

The Australian actress shaved for the film “Paradise”. Blanchett admitted that getting rid of her hair was an incredibly liberating experience for her.

Charlize Theron

For the sake of “Monster”, the luxurious Hollywood blonde gained 15 kg and disfigured herself, and shaved for the movie “Mad Max: Fury Road”. And who’s to say that an extremely short haircut didn’t suit her?

Ann Hataway

Hathaway got rid of her stunning thick dark hair for the role of Fantine in the musical Les Misérables. And the sacrifices were not in vain: the actress received an Oscar for this role.

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