Black bear cubs feast on the apples and express the sounds of “contentment”

 Black bear cubs feast on the apples and express the sounds of “contentment”

Did you know that black bears like to make sounds when they eat something tasty? If you didn’t know, then you should definitely watch this video, but be very careful and don’t fall in love with them.

Bears are actually very fond of fruits. And the shelter where these bears live decided to surprise them with a bunch of delicious apples. The impression of the bears was indescribable. They ate apples and made the sweetest sounds. Unbelievable! Black bears usually do not make any sounds.

This adorable scene was captured by a writer and a wildlife enthusiast, John Fusco. He shared this video on Twitter, writing in the description that he had never heard the lovely sound bears make while eating fruits. This is perhaps their favorite delicacy.

This shelter is called Kilham Bear Center. It is located in Lyme, New Hampshire. This shelter is for orphaned black bear cubs. Here they are cared for and rehabilitated until they are ready for life in the wild.

“They are in safe hands…. It is natural that they would be cooing and expressing their contentment”, a conversational scientist Rae Wynn-Grant told Los Angeles Times.

Watch the video and share your impressions!


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