“Brunettes Or Blondes?” Most Attractive Women Of This Decade

 “Brunettes Or Blondes?” Most Attractive Women Of This Decade

Anyone can answer the popular question, what has been the standard of female beauty for many years:
90-60-90. However, in our realities, this “norm” has erased its boundaries. Fashion is changing, now the ideal of female beauty is somewhat different. Here is an example of 10 beauties of the last decade, according to millions of fans.
Angelina Jolie

One of the most popular Hollywood stars, which many consider the ideal. Her appearance, figure, demeanor are the moments that Jolie’s fans look up to.
Jennifer Aniston

The absolute opposite of the first Hollywood star. A large number of her fans find her appearance unusual and attractive.
Scarlett Johansson

An American actress who has been on the Forbes Celebrity 100 list many times. Her main attributes of beauty are a radiant smile and gentle blue eyes.
Keira Knightley

Many argue about the appearance of the British Keira Knightley. Someone considers her especially beautiful, while others argue that there is nothing special about the actress.

The appearance of the singer is beautiful in her own way, rather exotic. However, fans note the charisma and expressiveness characteristic of a woman.
Liv Tyler

Delicate brunette Liv Tyler is admired by millions, even though her figure does not fit into the “standard’
Megan Fox

Burning brunette Megan Fox is a dream girl for a male. Many consider her bright facial features and figure to be the standard of beauty.

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