Calf made friends with lonely blind bison and changed her life!

 Calf made friends with lonely blind bison and changed her life!

This bison with health problems has lived for many years at the Oregan Lighthouse Farm Conservation Area. This animal’s name was Helen and she was blind. She was nervous and depressive because of health problems. But everything changed when Oliver appeared.

Oliver is a young Jersey calf who quickly made friends with Elena and became indispensable for her.

They are inseparable all day and the blind Helen became a foster mother for him. Usually friends become similar to each other over time. This is what happened to them. Gradually, Oliver’s body became the same color as Helen’s.

Lighthouse Sanctuary director Gwen Yakubisin told USA Today that Oliver has turned into a real buffalo. Helen’s behavior changed significantly. She has become less aggressive and takes care of Oliver all the time. Oliver has a mother and she doesn’t mind entrusting her child to Helen while she wanders somewhere.

Helen is excited about her new role. She had never cared about anyone before and was therefore very lonely and depressed.

Thanks to Olivier, Helen became more cheerful and made friends with other animals in the area.

This shelter has become a home for more than 200 animals. Animals that were previously mistreated or were sick and helpless found comfort and care here.

At the heart of Lighthouse Farm Sanctuary is the mindset that every animal deserves freedom and good treatment.

People who want to know more details about this sanctuary can visit its website.

Here the animals live as in their natural environment. They are both free and safe at the same time.



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