Cat Mom Breaks Into Stranger’s House To Save Her Babies

 Cat Mom Breaks Into Stranger’s House To Save Her Babies

When we talk about a mother’s love we should talk about the story of a cat named Tala.
Vincent is a man who lives in California. One night he was relaxing after work when he got an unexpected visitor.
Luckily it was just a female cat. She most probably broke into his house by the doggy door that was built for Vincent’s chihuahua.

Obviously, after seeing how friendly the cat was he couldn’t leave her outside. He decided to take her in until he would find a suitable home for her.
What he didn’t know is that the kitty wasn’t alone.

After a few mines, she jumped outside and returned with a little kitten. She made sure the baby was settled until she went out again and returned with another one.
Vincent knew he couldn’t take care of all of them so he made a call for help to a rescue team.
“She kept on bringing more and more kittens in. By the time I went to sleep she had already brought in three of them,” said Vincent. “ When I woke up in the morning there were already five kittens in my house.”

Vincent was now an owner of 6 animals, but that wasn’t the problem. The problem was his chihuahua’s surprise when she realizes she wasn’t the only dog anymore.
Vincent made sure tall the kittens got vaccinated and were checked by the
The cat was comfortable around the dog and people.
“With everything that she has been through we are still searching for her forever home,” says Vincent.

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