Cat Takes All Her Toys On Little Adventures

 Cat Takes All Her Toys On Little Adventures

Beth Wilson is a 12-year-old tuxedo living in the UK.

She has a very kind and caring soul not only for people but also for perfectly inanimate objects.

She is curious and loves exploring everything around her. Turns out, she wants to give her toys the opportunity to enjoy adventures too.

When she enjoys her time, she has her toys do the same. She wants to share her happiness with them.

The owner said that when the cat notices them watching her she immediately stops playing and puts the toys down.

In summer she loved to spend time with them in the garden. She takes them for tours around the house and if there’s a blanket in the garden, she will put her toys on it.

In winter the tours take place in the house.

Every week when a house cleaner visits, she puts all her toys in their box and after work is done, she gets a couple of toys back from there and puts them around the house. This proves the responsibility she feels towards them.

Pixie’s lifestyle impacts the people around her. Her owner admits that she has changed her life. She takes care of her and is always there for her owner. Her toys would feel the same way about her if they could.

Adopting a pet can always be a good change in a person’s life and make it better.

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