Cat’s transformation into a stunning mini lion after removing over 2 pounds of matted fur

 Cat’s transformation into a stunning mini lion after removing over 2 pounds of matted fur

Mattie is an orange cat who had to be transported in a dog crate because of his matted fur.

He was spotted in Pennsylvania by a community member, who said that it was the worst matted animal he had ever seen. They couldn’t see his actual body because of all that fur.

He could barely move and was scared. He immediately received help.

The rescue team safely removed all his matted locks, which weighed over 2 pounds. They continued his treatment and gave him all the support and care he needed.

Soon he started to adapt to the new environment and make new friends.

Even if he felt anxious, he knew he was safe thanks to his loving caretakers.

His gorgeous fluff grew back and gave him a magnificent lion’s mane.

He became more social and started to ask for head scritches and cuddles.

He is 10 years old and has some health problems like diabetes.

After some months of recovery, his transformation was incredible. Now he looks so much healthier and joyful.

Chandler Scull is a veterinary technician who came across Mattie on social media and was shocked by his matting. The exact moment she knew she wanted to adopt the cat. Months ago, he lost her diabetic cat and was still mourning.

A few weeks later Chandler and her boyfriend went to adopt him.

The first days were challenging because of his health issues, but thanks to his owner who specialized in feline diabetes, he adapted real soon. She stabilized him with supportive care, fluids, and feeding with a syringe.

He loves his new home and family. His owners said, “His personality is coming out now, both the sweetness and the spiciness.

He is one adorable cat and we all hope he will be happy and healthy for the rest of his life.

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