Celebrities That Look Prettier Now Than At A Young Age

 Celebrities That Look Prettier Now Than At A Young Age

As much as we would like to pause time and slow down aging, we must admit that this is unrealistic. Although today women have much more opportunities to prolong their youth than, for example, 30 years ago. And the star heroines of our post proved that this can be done beautifully!

Actually, we all know cases when famous women lost their beauty forever after visiting plastic surgeons. But it turns out that if you accept your age, take care of your face and body, and generally live in harmony with yourself and keep up with the times, then you can remain very charming and attractive even after the 50+ mark in your passport.

  1. Michelle Pfeiffer

Michelle Pfeiffer is 62 years old, but unlike her peer Melanie Griffith, whose face after plastic surgery has almost lost recognizable features, she looks fresh and still excites the hearts of the male audience of her films!

2. Julianne Moore

It’s hard to believe that the actress has already celebrated her 60th birthday, but let’s be honest – today her appearance is much more attractive than in her youth and even in her youth!

3. Laima Vaikule

The 66-year-old singer admitted that she only had Botox injections once in her life, and generally believes that wrinkles on a woman’s face are beautiful. Yes, we even have nothing to object to this, because, considering the faces of her stage colleagues distorted from beauty injections, we believe that she is not deceiving us!

4. Halle Berry

54-year-old Halle Berry’s age also suits her, and it seems to us that every year she does the opposite – she does not fade, but only opens and blooms even more beautifully!

5. Diane Keaton

75-year-old Diane Keaton is a perfect example of how to accept your age, and that the numbers in the passport do not affect charm, style, and sexuality at all.

6. Robin Wright

In the 80s, girls all over the world wanted to be like Kelly Capwell from the Santa Barbara series, played by Robin Wright. Well, almost 40 years have passed and now they dream of being like Claire Underwood – the heroine of Robin Wright in the series “House of Cards”. And looking at how the 54-year-old actress looks today, we understand why!


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