Celebrities who said “No” to plastic surgery!

 Celebrities who said “No” to plastic surgery!

We often wrote about those celebrities who, trying to preserve their youth, resort to drastic measures and subsequently become unrecognizable. However, today’s selection includes only those beautiful ladies who are not afraid of old age and accept themselves as they are.

Julia Roberts
The owner of the most beautiful and recognizable smile in Hollywood for 55 years, but she looks 20 years younger and this is all thanks to her natural beauty and no interventions from plastic surgeons.

Helen Mirren
This actress has always been offered exclusively the roles of royalty and other important ladies. With a straight back and a charming smile, and besides, beautiful makeup and a good job of a stylist – Helen does not look her 75.

Winona Ryder
This actress is about to turn 50! Screen love Johnny Depp continues to conquer the red carpet and film awards. At photo shoots, she smiles widely and is not going to be embarrassed by the wrinkles that appear. She is wonderful in every way!

Tina Fey
A healthy lifestyle, namely proper nutrition and regular sports, affects the body better than all beauty injections. The woman obviously found her anti-aging pill. The woman looks amazing, but she is already over 50!

Diane Keaton
Diane is 75 years old and she is sure that what is natural is not ugly, and therefore the woman even refused to dye her hair, preferring natural gray hair.

Brigitte Bardot
The woman who was once idolized by the whole world continues to be the most beautiful! The star plans to live to 100
years and we are sure that she will be able to maintain her beauty even at this age.

Rachel Hunter
Once the model was worried about her lost youth. But then she took a course in psychology and began to develop important women’s movement on the topic of “self-acceptance.”

Jennifer Aniston
It seems that time has no power over her. A year later, she has not lost either the sparkle of her eyes, or her sweet, modest smile, or her talent. The audience loves Jennifer not only for her pretty face, but also for her talent. The star does not plan to reshape her appearance and claims that she is like wine – gets better with age.






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