Changed beyond recognition. How the most beautiful twins in Japan look like now

 Changed beyond recognition. How the most beautiful twins in Japan look like now

The girls laid out decent amounts for plastic surgery and now it is difficult to distinguish them in the photo.
Who among us does not dream of popularity? Naturally, to some extent, everyone thinks about it. For Japanese twins named Chie and Chika Yokashiva, aspiration has become a lifelong goal. And it seemed to them that there was every chance for this. There are quite a few twins in the world who have gained fame – some began to defile on the catwalk, others act in films, and still, others have started their own blogs.

However, Chie and Chik were not satisfied with only one thing. They considered their appearance insufficiently spectacular. According to the girls, they were often teased and compared to children. Some people seriously believed that the twins were not alike, and Chie and Chika were hurt by this.

By the way, this is how they looked in their youth. Looks like the most ordinary girls․
After some thought, Chie and Chika decided to go under the surgeon’s knife. They wanted to hone their appearance to the ideal. In addition, the twins wanted to become as similar as possible to each other. They changed everything – the shape of the face, the eyes, the nose. For more than 15 years, the girls continued to do plastic surgery and could not stop.

Together they spent more than 40 million yen (more than 17 million rubles) on this. Chie and Chika wrote on their blog about how much pain they endured and how much time they spent recovering from operations. However, they do not regret anything (read also: What the most beautiful twins in the world look like now: photo).
The only problem was that each had a different concept of beauty. China wanted one eye shape and Chika another. And it was important for them to be like each other like two drops of water because the girls had difficulty agreeing.
After recovering from one procedure, they immediately went to another. Some of the operations sounded really strange. So, the twins removed fat from the corners of the mouth, between the cheekbones, and even the nasolabial folds.

Then another problem appeared. The girls began to upload photos of their transformation to the network, and not everyone liked the result. So, after one of the operations on Chie’s nose, they wrote that he looked like a “pig”. And what do you think? After these words, the Japanese woman again went under the knife, asking the surgeon to make the tip more miniature.
Then, pleased with Chie, who was sure that now everyone would definitely like it, again showed pictures of the transformation on the network. But even here, part of the followers noted that it used to be better. And Chie again had to go under the knife․

As a result, the twins reshaped themselves beyond recognition. However, by 34 years, they were still able to understand that they would not be able to please everyone. They are already happy that in Japan they were dubbed the most beautiful and famous twins in the world – which means that the goal has been achieved.

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