Cher’s story of plastic surgery addiction and her daughter’s decision to become a man!

 Cher’s story of plastic surgery addiction and her daughter’s decision to become a man!

Cher is now 75 years old, and she has changed beyond recognition. It is worth noting that she made her first plastic surgery back in the seventies when she was not even 30 years old.

At that time, plastic surgery was done only in exceptional cases – for example, in the case of serious injuries that change the appearance. But the stars calmly applied for the services of plastic surgeons in order to become more attractive.

Oddly enough, Cher decided on the first operation for the reason that she was extremely unhappy with the form of her nose. So the artist immediately signed up for rhinoplasty. And so the big changes began. Cher corrected the shape of her nose at least once more.

Over time, plastic surgery has become very popular. There were many other techniques that the stars began to happily use. According to Cher, plastic surgery has become a real addiction she doesn’t want to get rid of. By the way she has no regrets about the changes in appearance. She admits that if she had the opportunity to start all over again, she would follow the same path.

Cher has changed the shape of her cheekbones with special silicone implants, corrected her lips, and she also constantly injects herself with Botox and often undergoes facelifts to look perfect.

In addition, the singer did surgery to increase her breasts and buttocks, changed the shape of her chin, and also removed her lower ribs, which allowed her to make her waist thinner. By the way, this procedure was very difficult and, of course, painful. But Cher was not afraid of anything and had the operation at a fairly mature age.

Now a few words about personal lufe of the singer – the older she got, the younger her boyfriends are. For example, at the age of 40, she started an affair with Tom Cruise, who at that time was only 23.

A few more years later, the woman had a relationship with a cake delivery man who was 22 years old. At 62 she had a 37-year-old boyfriend.

The love for changes in appearance was inherited by the daughter of the artist.

Realizing that she wasn’t born to be a woman she decided on a sex change operation. At the age of 40 she did this operations and now she is a man.

This is Cher’s daughter before and after the operation.

What do you think about plastic operations? Are they really useful?


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