Companions in misfortune – a deaf guy adopted a deaf puppy!

 Companions in misfortune – a deaf guy adopted a deaf puppy!

Nobody wanted to take the deaf puppy from the shelter. The poor animal was already desperate to find a home, but he was lucky. A guy who has not heard since childhood found out that there is such a dog in the shelter and decided that they were created for each other. So trouble brought them together. And the guy adopted the puppy and now they live happily and communicate in sign language.

An amazing story for a good mood!

In February 2019, a post about a small black Labrador puppy appeared on the website of the NFR Maine Animal Shelter, Maine, USA. The baby was in poor condition and was taken by volunteer.

“This is an adorable black Labrador puppy – Emerson, and he is a real fighter. The baby is only 8 weeks old, and he is already desperately fighting for life. The baby has convulsions and he doesn’t  eat and drink. Now veterinarians are taking care of the puppy and we are trying to raise the necessary amount for treatment. The kid is on a drip, he is preparing to take tests to diagnose the disease,” the shelter workers said.

It turned out that the baby had parvovirus enteritis. Volunteers were already preparing for the worst, but were fighting for his recovery. The baby spent a whole week in the clinic and was able to defeat the disease. But after the disease, the poor baby lost his hearing, and his vision deteriorated significantly. There were no people who wanted to adopt such a dog…

The shelter published a post about the puppy every week, but no one came to pick him up. After a while, Nick Abbott learnt about the baby and became interested in the dog. The thing is that Nick was born deaf and he realized that this was fate. So he went to a shelter.

The dog immediately realized that the man came for him. The dog approached Nick and sat on his leg. Feeling that there is some special connection between them, the dog himself chose his owner. Now they live together and the guy teaches the dog a sign language.

Their story became known all over the world and many people from different corners of the world are happy for them.

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