Dog abandoned because of face defect found a mom who really loved him

 Dog abandoned because of face defect found a mom who really loved him

This is a kind dog named Beaux Tox. This Labrador Retriever was born with a facial deformity and received nothing but disrespect and abuse throughout his life. Luckily, he met a woman, Jamie Hewlett, who loved him the way he was.

Beaux’s mother was pregnant with 6 puppies and Beaux’s face was crushed in her mother’s womb. Thus, it is a birth defect that he will have to live with for the rest of his life.

“Five puppies were normally developed, and Beaux had very little space left in the womb and his face was crushed. This is how his face was formed”, Jamie told the DoDo.

The dog’s brain was not damaged due to the defect, and Beaux is a very intelligent and cheerful dog.

“The people who breed the animals couldn’t sell the Beaux. Nobody wanted to take a dog with a facial defect”, said Jamie.

The guy who looked after the dog treated him badly and hardly fed him. And after a while he threw it on the street.

The local rescue team found the dog in an emaciated state. He was so thin that he looked like a bag of bones. He was hungry and diseased.

Then he met Jamie. She was concerned about his condition.

“I felt very sorry for him. I didn’t want him to be taken by a foster family and then abandoned again. I wanted him to be happy, healthy and just a dog. I decided to adopt him,” Jamie told the DoDo.

Veterinarian Jay Rydberg performed intensive therapy and put Beaux on his feet. Jamie also took care of the dog, fed in time, petted and walked with him.

The Doctor and Jamie worked together to help Beaux with the heartworms that could kill him. After a while, the doctor allowed Jamie to take him home with him.


Now Beaux lives in a loving family, and Jamie’s dog, Riley who is also a retriever became friends with Beaux and considers him his little brother.




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