Dog Mom Adopts The Newbown Kitten And Carries Her Around

 Dog Mom Adopts The Newbown Kitten And Carries Her Around

Brittany Callan wasn’t even thinking about making any animal addictions to her life three weeks ago. That was until she heard the meowing from the garage at her aunt’s house.

Lying there was a newborn little kitten. Brittany took the kitty, wrapped it in a soft blanket, and placed him nearby in hopes that the other would soon return. It was a few hours later that she understood that the poor kitty was left all alone. She knew if she didn’t help the newborn it wouldn’t make it through the night, so she couldn’t leave the baby out there.

Brittany also had a Doberman pinscher who recently had a baby and she hoped that the maternal instincts of the dog would kick in once she’d see the helpless newborn.

“I had guinea pigs and bunnies and my dog, Ruby, licks them as if she’s their mother,” said Callan. “She plays with them, carries them around, and even tries to nurse them from time to time.”

As soon as they met, the differences between Ruby and the kitten didn’t matter at all. Brittany showed the kitten to the dog who instantly accepted the newborn as if it was her own child.

“When I saw the bond between them I opened the kitten’s mouth and put the dog’s smallest nipple in, and the kitty started eating it almost immediately. Ruby didn’t complain either.”

The kitten’s new mom always makes sure the kitten is safe and sound.
“She is wet from Ruby’s licking all the time,” said Callan. “ Her back is either wet or matter down because of all the cleaning Ruby does.”

Ruby now refuses to stay away from the baby for more than a few seconds.

“She is totally obsessed with the newborn and doesn’t want to be outside, she just wanted to carry the baby around in her mouth all day long.”

For now, the only mother that the kitty needs is Ruby, who does a great job at being one. Their bond just shows that when it comes to family it doesn’t matter what size you are or where you come from.

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