Dog Reunites With His Mom After A Destructive Tornado

 Dog Reunites With His Mom After A Destructive Tornado

While Bruce and Ona Dunlap were watching the news warning them about the EF2 tornado, their cable went out.
Bruce went to open the door of their home in Arkansas to understand what was happening there.

“I remember him telling me there was nothing out there, that it was deadly quiet out there and there wasn’t even wind,” recalls Ona.

That’s when I told him to get to the storm shelter because I believed there was something.”

By then they didn’t know their house would be gone any minute now.

In all that rush Ona rushed to help the handicapped man get into the storm shelter. Simultaneously Bruce went to find their dogs and cats.

That’s when he realized his cat- Ladybug, was missing and one of the dogs refused to leave the house. So Bruce didn’t have any other choice but to leave without them.

“I think the dog could feel that something bad was going to happen that’s why he went t the kitchen and just lay down there,” said Ona.

“ Bruce was forced to leave him there because by the time he returned the storm was so strong that he could barely close the door.”

The tornado was stronger than ever. It tore down their roof, scattering their belongings everywhere. When it got a little quieter, they emerged from the shelter, but by then it was already so dark outside that they could barely understand what part of the house got damaged.

The next morning the couple surveyed the damage and that’s when their fluffy friends came out of nowhere with an expression as if saying ‘ What took you so long?’.

“I took his face into my hands and started saying ‘Im sorry. Im here now.’,” says Ona.

Bruce captured the moment of that touching reunion.

“ She talks to the dog like a person, but the thing is that the dog actually responds as a person,” says Bruce.

The couple was so happy and grateful that everything was alright with their furry friend. But they were still quite worried as another member of their family was still missing – Ladybug.

Then yet another miracle happened.

“That’s when I saw her all wet and shaking from the cold, ” says Ona. “ Ladybug came up to me and grabbed her and hugged as close to me as I could.”

The couple has a lot of things to do until they take care of all the damage and can be settled again. But they are still happy that they all made it through that scary night.

The tornado took a lot from them- leaving them with a shattered house. But at least they have each other and that’s all that matters at the end of the day.

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