Dog’s mom returned after 8-months absence! Look at his reaction

 Dog’s mom returned after 8-months absence! Look at his reaction

A dog named Murphy and his mother were apart for 8 months. Jeanne Berger was in the army, but every day she was there she thought about her pet. Murphy also missed his mistress very much.

“During my absence, my mother wrote letters to me and told me that Murphy in the first days of my departure lay in front of the door of my room all the time and waited for me to return, didn’t eat and didn’t leave the house”, Berger told the DoDo.

And now the time has finally come for their reunion. They both have been waiting for this moment for so long.

A couple of days ago, she posted a video of their touching meeting. The dog did not believe until the last minute that his mother had returned.

For eight whole months she existed only in his memory, and now she stands before him. What happiness! Murphy began sniffing Berger to make sure that it was in fact his owner.

“I didn’t even expect Murphy to react this way to my return. I thought he had already forgotten me and might not recognize me”, said Berger.

Berger was very happy with this reaction of her dog. She and Murphy were inseparable for 3 years and were very attached to each other. Luckily, they are together now.

The girl plans to move to a new house, closer to the University where she studies and of course she will take her faithful friend with her.


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