Drew Barrymore posted private photos with Cameron Diaz that no one saw

 Drew Barrymore posted private photos with Cameron Diaz that no one saw

Not many people are aware, but the bond between these two actresses actually dates back to their teenage years. At the time, Barrymore was 14 and Diaz 16!

We first crossed paths at a mutual favorite spot – I was a model, and she was taking a break from filming. Drew worked at the cafe we frequented and we then grew close to each other. When our projects overlapped, Diaz recalled me from our previous interactions saying”Oh, I remember you!”, and that’s when our friendship really blossomed.

Celebrities really got close in 2000 while working on the spy thriller Charlie’s Angels. A cohesive team on the screen became a team in life. Even when filming came to an end, Drew and Cameron continued to communicate, some of which ended up on film. Recently, Drew Barrymore decided to let her subscribers in on some funny shots she had stored away in her personal archive. Those who saw the photos were absolutely delighted by them – it’s impossible not to crack a smile when looking at bright, positive moments like these!

Lately, Russian celebrities have been reminiscing about past experiences. Recently, musician Vladimir Presnyakov Jr. posted a rare photo on his Instagram, which depicted him years ago while he was still with Kristina Orbakaite and they welcomed their son Nikita.

To commemorate the former lover’s anniversary, the artist posted a snapshot of their family online & made sure to share it with his followers.

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