Finally, baby sloths left without moms have a special shelter

 Finally, baby sloths left without moms have a special shelter

Sloth Institute in Costa Rica that has been working since 2003 is a place where baby sloths are looked after before they can return to the wild.

The co-founder of this Institute, Sam Trull was inspired to found this Institute after she rescued a little sloth that later got a name Kermie. Kermie was left without  mother and she would not survive without human help. Fortunately, she was found and took care of. And there are a lot of such sloths that lost their moms and remain to their fate.

“Sloths are very harmless and sensitive creatures that will neither offend nor harm. All they need from this life is to eat leaves, sleep well and scratch their backs thoroughly if necessary”, Trull told Manhattan Book Review.

This institute practices a special method for sloths, which prepares babies for real life in the wild. In fact, sloths are very sensitive to loud noises and very fearful.

They can endure extreme stress after being petted by tourists. They cannot quickly run and hide. And after suffering stress, many of them die. Many take pictures with them, hug them, not realizing that this can be the cause of death for sloths.

“We created this institute for sloths, because there was no such shelter for the baby sloths left without mothers. They, being very small, almost do not survive in the wild. Thanks to this institut, dozens of sloths live in a safe and at the same time very similar to the wild environment. In fact, to teach sloths to survive in nature, you need to create similar conditions for them. In addition, they do not eat all types of leaves and do not live on all trees”, the co-founder of the Institute said.

And tourists, being reasonable and understanding all the responsibility and seriousness of the situation, must keep their distance from these creatures. No one is forbidden to watch them and love them from a distance.

The nature and the animals living there are wonderful! Lets appreciate them!

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