Firefighter rescued an incredibly awesome cat while fighting California fires

 Firefighter rescued an incredibly awesome cat while fighting California fires

More than 80 people have died in devastating California wildfires and more than 700 people are missing.

Many pets were also affected. Some of them were exactly in the fire and some ran away from the owners in panic and remained all alone to survive in the ashes.

About two weeks ago, the Camp fire almost completely destroyed the town of Paradise in the Fairview Valley, turning it into a “toxic” burnt wasteland.

The captain of Fairview Valley Fire Department, Ryan Colman was among those who tried to stop the fires at Paradise and then helped search for the wounded and survivors. While inspecting some burned-out house, Ryan suddenly saw cat that somehow survived.

The animal was not harmed by the fire, but she was frightened and incredibly happy to meet a human. As soon as the man took her in his arms, a fluffy cat climbed onto his shoulder and began to purr and rub her head against his cheeks.

“We found this cat near Yankee Hill” Colman says, “We provided her with everything she needed, gave her water and food, and also shelter and our love. I posted a video of the cat on my Facebook page, and the post was seen by the owner of the cat.

He begged not to give his cat to a shelter, but to give the cat to the neighbor whose house survived. He began to describe the small details of the cat’s character and behavior, and in the end I realized that he was her real owner. Therefore, we did as he asked and handed his affectionate cat to the neighbors for a while.”

There were many other cats rescued recently by firefighters. They rescued not only dogs but also dogs, birds, horses and wild animals.


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