For almost 30 years, the couple have been living on a floating island that they built themselves!

 For almost 30 years, the couple have been living on a floating island that they built themselves!

Due to the current situation in the world, most of the world’s population was locked up within four walls and isolated from live communication. But for one Canadian family, absolutely nothing has changed, because for almost 30 years they have been drifting on a floating island.

Catherine King’s and Wayne Adams’s Island is located off Vancouver Island.They called their human-made creation “Freedom Bay”. Our heroes used to live in the city, but always dreamed of the sea.

In the early 90s, the couple decided to radically change their way of life: they moved out of a rented apartment, gave away all their belongings and began to collect recycled or recycled materials in order to build a house that would float on water.

The fact that they would be completely cut off from the outside world and would live in seclusion did not frighten the couple at all. They were pretty tired of the noisy city and the couple wanted to find peace in their houseboat.

One day, after a storm, the ocean threw strong logs ashore and Wayne assembled a platform for the island from them. The man did it with ease, because by profession he is a wood and stone carver. When the raft was ready, he pulled it ashore and began to build wooden buildings on it.

The full version of the floating island weighs 450 tons. A house, a dance floor, an art gallery, a workshop, a waterfall with running water were placed on a wooden platform.

The nearest settlement is located 25 minutes drive from the island. The platform drifts freely. It is held by several cables attached to the shore.

The unusual environment of the spouses requires constant work. They claim that this is a place they are truly happy. There are 4 greenhouses on the island, where our heroes grow vegetables.

The man also loves to fish. So they always have fresh fish for dinner.



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