For past 12 years this seagull every day comes to the man who once has saved him!

 For past 12 years this seagull every day comes to the man who once has saved him!

80-year-old British pensioner John Summer saved a seagull with a broken leg 12 years ago. He fed the bird, because the wounded gull could not get its own food.

Since then, when he comes every day to the nearest beach, Instow Beach, near the village of Yelland, Devon, this seagull recognizes him and flies to him.

John named the bird Chipi. The bird was very grateful to the man and spends all the time with him on the beach. The seagull does not fly up to any other people.

Chipi is now about 20 years old, which is about the same old age for seagulls as for people 80 years old. That is, in fact, John and Chipi are the same age. The maximum age for seagulls is 32 years old.

“When I found the bird injured, he was screaming loudly in pain. The next day, when I came here again for a walk, I saw him again and he was still screaming. He couldn’t fly properly and couldn’t get his own food. So I decided to feed him”, the man said.

John began to give the bird the dog biscuits he had been buying for his dog Jack, and soon he noticed that the gull’s foot was beginning to heal. John continued to feed her every day and the bird began to trust him more and more.

“He began to come up to me and let me come very close to him. He didn’t treat anyone else like that. By March he recovered and flew away. But as it turned out he didn’t forget me. The same year in September he returned.

Since then, John has been meeting the seagull almost every day for the past 12 years.



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