Fortunately Albino Elephant saved from poachers’ snare has fully recovered

 Fortunately Albino Elephant saved from poachers’ snare has fully recovered

This adorable albino elephant is Khanyisa from South Africa. This cute creature has recently fallen into the trap of poachers. Fortunately, she was rescued and brought to the first elephant shelter in South Africa.

Being wounded she was caught in a trap. Trying to free herself, she only aggravated the situation – the trap tightened even tighter around her. Luckily, she was rescued and taken to HERD elephant orphanage. This orphanage is situated in South Africa. She stayed for some time in this shelter and managed to win the hearts of all the workers.

It is the first special shelter for elephants in South Africa. Since poaching is very common here, baby elephants are often left without mothers and all elephants in need of care are taken to this shelter. Baby animals may not survive without mothers. They are usually caught by poachers or are suppressed by other animals.

There is a Kapama Private Reserve near the shelter that houses an adoptive herd “Jabulani Herd” of orphaned elephants. The elephants that grow up in an orphanage later can join the herd. Thus they can live both freely and safely at the same time.

The albino elephant was about 4 month old when she was placed in a shelter. She is a very brave and cute animal. Being so small she has undergone such a terrible life-trial. Some months later she was fully recovered and was able to join the Jabulani Herd. Here they are…

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