Friends in misfortune – a deaf guy adopted a deaf rescue puppy!

 Friends in misfortune – a deaf guy adopted a deaf rescue puppy!

Nick Abbott from Maine was born deaf. Since childhood, he had to survive along with his physical defect. He always wanted to adopt a puppy, but was hesitant due to his deafness. He thought that he would not be able to properly care for the pet. But when he stumbled upon a Facebook post about a deaf dog one day, he realized that fate was giving him the chance to have a pet.

“He’s deaf, like me. I can imagine how difficult it is for him to live in a society where there are so many sounds, songs, music that we have never listened to and will not be able to hear,” Nick told WABI-TV.

The black Labrador mix was very small when he was rescued and taken to the North Florida Rescue Service in Maine. Emerson had convulsions and was hospitalized. He stayed at the vet clinic for a while until he fully recovered. Rescuers posted photos of Emerson online and gave a brief info about the dog to increase the chances of adoption.



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“Emerson, the deaf dog has been through a lot in his life. He is looking for his permanent family. He deserved it!” Lindsey Powers of NF Rescue of Maine wrote on Facebook.

These lines stuck in Nick’s mind. He decided to meet the dog. Nick fell in love with the deaf dog at first sight. He realized that they would get along well.

Nick immediately adopted the dog. They learned to communicate with the help of visual commands and signs. Special bond formed between them.

“I know we were born to meet. He is special, he understands me at first sight! Now I don’t feel so alone anymore,” Nick told WABI-TV.

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