Gears were born in Liverpool exactly 39 years ago. Look what they look like now!

 Gears were born in Liverpool exactly 39 years ago. Look what they look like now!

A true miracle happened in Liverpool exactly 39 years ago. The woman had six children at once. The news was so amazing that it quickly spread around the world.

It’s hard to believe now, but for the parents, this was already the 13th attempt to get pregnant. Later, Janet confessed that they had made a decision in advance that if they fail again, they would simply take the baby from the orphanage. However, they were lucky, and when the doctors saw the ultrasound image, they were simply surprised.

They were not completely sure that the expectant mother would be able to bear these children. Because of this, Janet spent almost six months in the hospital under the supervision of doctors. At 31 weeks she had a caesarean section and six adorable babies were born.

It is worth noting that the weight of newborns was from a kilogram to one and a half that is why they were placed in a special incubator for some time.

The parents also said that in the first year they slept very little in the first year, because all the children screamed almost at the same time and they all needed to be fed and changed their diapers. But when the girls grew up, they began to willingly help around the house.

At the moment, the sisters are already 39 years old. They settled near their parents’ house. Hanna is a teacher and is not married yet. Jenny has a joint business with her husband – they run a candy store. Kate got a job in the personnel department, and her sister works in a call center.

Lucy works as a flight attendant. At the moment, only Sarah became a mother. The woman had a daughter, and Janet and Graham became happy grandparents.


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