Girl Adopted A 20-year-old Cat To Make His Resting Easier

 Girl Adopted A 20-year-old Cat To Make His Resting Easier

Fluffy Diesel was unlucky: he met his 20th birthday alone. How sad and uncomfortable the cat felt in the shelter… Just yesterday his life seemed to be full of freedom and communication, and the other day he ended up behind bars. And even though it was the lattice of a shelter cell, how unsuitable it is for a cat!

One animal activist in the city of Los Angeles couldn’t resist Diesel’s sad look. The elderly inhabitant of an ordinary shelter simply conquered Tracy Peddy (“Kitt Crusaders”). She found out that the cat is lonely not of his own free will, but became a victim of the owners’ divorce. The couple could not share custody of the animal and handed over the poor man to the care of volunteers. The fate of the retired cat did not leave Tracy indifferent, and she decided to help him find a new home and loving owners by posting a post about the cat on one of the social networks.
Tais Yamamoto, who had already collaborated with the animal lovers society, saw that message at one fine moment. She already had two adopted kittens, but this did not stop the girl. Tais admitted that a newborn little animal will always be taken with pleasure. The situation is much worse with those pets who have already seen a lot in their lifetime. That is why the girl wanted to give love to an elderly or injured cat.

The first meeting with the tailed one struck Tais because she had no idea how bad Diesel looks and how old the cat is. The girl recalls that at that moment the decision to take the elderly orphan came to her immediately. She did not hesitate to inform the organizers of the Kitt Crusaders about this, and animal rights activists issued the cat on bail within 24 hours.

Early in the morning, Tais Yamamoto was already standing at the orphanage, waiting for a date with Diesel. After the cat was given out, new friends were expected to visit the veterinarian. At his age and condition, it was impossible to hesitate with an examination by a doctor.
The cat looked untidy due to coat problems. Diesel looked at the world sadly, as if he thought that he would be abandoned again.

Already on the threshold, the animal understood: it is welcome here, here is its new home. With weariness in his eyes, the cat looked around the new place of residence and was quite pleased with it. He even liked the new toys.
Spending the night in a new place excited the tailed one, but he did not leave Tais without gratitude. The girl vigilantly monitored the old man’s well-being and appointed him a new trip to the doctor, take a bath, and even visit a cat hairdresser. Without dirty rings in his coat, Diesel both looked and felt better.

Now Diesel feels much more confident like he was born again: he got younger and began to show interest in the world around him. Even the cat’s eyes sparkled in a new way. Tais do not have a soul in a tailed one, by her own admission. And Diesel reciprocates all caresses. He now does not part with the mistress within the walls of the house and strives to caress every minute. The girl does not get tired of the cat’s harassment, because she understands what stress the animal suffered in the past and after moving from the shelter.

The cat was not the only resident in the apartment: Tais soon introduced the newcomer to the cat Sarah. The latter immediately approved the choice of the mistress, accepting Diesel into the family. Tais is sure that in the case of her new pet, time and care will be the most effective healers. An animal, even healthy and young, is difficult to get used to a new home.

Now Diesel’s old age does not bother him, and this is his real pension. In the last photo, the cat is literally bathed in love.
Thanks to Tais’ caring heart, another cat’s life was saved. It turns out that not only people can feel lonely and abandoned in old age, but as soon as we become a little kinder to each other, everything miraculously changes.

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