Have you ever heard of the existence of curly horses? – No? Here they are!

 Have you ever heard of the existence of curly horses? – No? Here they are!

Horses are probably the most beautiful and proud creatures on the earth. These animals are strong, graceful and intelligent at the same time.  Moreover the fact that these animals are easy to train made them almost the most beloved and respected.

There are many breeds of horses. Today we are going to introduce you one unusual breed of horses that is called “Curlies”. They are so cute that no one can remain indifferent toward them.

It turns out that these horses have a certain gene that is responsible for such a curly wool. Their wool is as curly as a sheep’s. These horses are quite expensive and are considered a wonder of nature.

Despite their beautiful appearance, they can be dangerous for humans. Did you think that they can be aggressive? No, they don’t. They are very friendly creatures. The point is that their wool has one enzyme that can cause allergy attacks. Some researchers claim that a protein is missing from the hair of the curlies and this cause allergy. So we can only admire them from a distance.

This breed is already thousands of years old, but zoologists still cannot explain how the “curlies” appeared. The most interesting thing is that the first mention of these creatures is still in the Chinese chronicles compiled before our era.

Curlies mostly live in Asia, Scandinavia and South America. Every year there are fewer and fewer horses of this breed left.

Although they are protected by many international conventions and hunting them is prohibited, there is still poaching. People everywhere are trying to find profit and there are those who are willing to pay millions for their wool.

Hope that the reproduction of this species will increase and extinction will not threaten them.

As for color, these horses can be of different colors: from white to dark brown.

They are undoubtedly wonderful!



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