“He Is Finally Himself Again.” Dog Is Happy To Be Reunited With His Owner Again

 “He Is Finally Himself Again.” Dog Is Happy To Be Reunited With His Owner Again

Lewis Jimenez had to take his pit bull – Titus, back to the shelter where he initially adopted him from. That thought was devastating for Lewis.

So unlike other dog owners, he came back for his dog as soon as he could.Lewis adopted Titus once again as soon as he could and he’d decided to never part with his dog ever again.

Lewis adopted his dog when the last was only 2 years old from the only animal shelter in Austin, Texas. Initially, he wasn’t planning on getting a pit bull, but once he saw Titus walking in the park with the shelter volunteers, he just fell in love with him.

“He was so happy. You just had to see the look on his face, he was jumping up and down and I remember thinking to myself, “This is the one,” “said Lewis.

For more than five years Lewis and Titus could not go a few hours without seeing each other and they couldn’t imagine their lives without one another.

“He’s like an old child to me. He has become a big part of me,” said Lewis.

But unfortunately last year something bad happened and Lewis couldn’t keep the dog anymore.

“I was told I had to get rid of him or else I would have to get evicted,” recalls Lewis.

He didn’t have any other place to go to and he also didn’t know anyone who would be willing to help him look after Titus. So it all came to that one sad decision – he had to give up Titus and take him back to the shelter.

The staff whether the shelter wasn’t even sure that Lewis would come back for his dog.

“Owners tell us they will return for their dogs all the time, but they almost never do so when he told us the same thing we didn’t think he would actually ever come back for Titus,” said the director of the shelter.

The thing is that staff could clearly see the bond the two have and how difficult it was for Lewis to give up the dog that he dearly loves.

It was also very hard for Titus to get used to the new environment. To be honest, he was totally miserable.

“ The shelter is always a very stressful environment for dogs, but some dogs handle it better than others do,” said the director. “ Clearly Titus was having a hard time adjusting to the new reality. He was always very playful and happy once he was out of his kennel, but in the kennel, he was sad and simply miserable.”

Lewis would visit his dog whenever he had the chance, and he would always become very emotional.
“ Our volunteers would talk to him and tell him how Titis was handling the situation, they would tell him the dog was miserable and just wasn’t himself,” said the director.

At the end of each visit, the staff would see Lewis crying his eyes out and see the heartbreaking scene in front of them.

It took Jimenez four long months to get Titus out of there.

Finally, the day came and Lewis was able to get a place where he could keep his sog with him.

“It honestly worked out for the better, because now Titus has a whole yard to run around,” mentions Lewis. “ He was so happy to finally be reunited with me.”

Luckily their reunion was photographed and the photos went viral all over the Internet and many people shared them on their Facebook pages.

“The sight was truly adorable,” recalls Lewis. “ I had so many different emotions running through me at the moment. I am grateful to the amazing staff of the shelter for the amazing help and support that they have shown during the whole year of our separation.

Titus quickly adapted to his old life with Lewis.

“He’s usually not allowed to lounge on the couch, but after everything, he’s gone through I decided to give him a break and let him just be happy and relaxed around the house,” says Lewis.

Now Titus is happily reunited with his family. He’s healthy and happy and that’s all that matters.

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