“He Is The Most Tattooed Chef In The World.” A Man From Canada Spent $97,000 On Tattoos

 “He Is The Most Tattooed Chef In The World.” A Man From Canada Spent $97,000 On Tattoos

The 33-year-old resident of Canada has become a network star thanks to the many tattoos on his body. Remy works as a chef and is proud of the number of designs that adorn his body.

What a shocking man looks like, whose special appearance does not at all prevent him from building a career in the field of catering, will be shown by the Celebrity channel.

In an interview with reporters from the Daily Star, Remy said that he made his first tattoo in 2009 – a man immortalized the name of his newborn son on his body.

Since then, Remy has spent about $97,000 on the underwear. And if you count the piercing, then the amount spent reaches $ 113,000.

If you think that the whole body of a Canadian is covered with tattoos, then we hasten to disappoint you: there are areas where there are no drawings. In an interview, Remy admitted that these are parts of the face, ears, feet, back of the hands and inner thighs. The star of the network notes that these areas are very sensitive, and getting tattoos on them is painful.

When asked by journalists about whether he is often criticized for his non-standard appearance, Remy replies that he only hears negative statements from Internet users. Friends, family, and people he meets on the street never say a bad word to him, but they often ask to take pictures with him. 

“When I get attacked with comments online, I usually ignore them or just wish the haters all the best, because I’m smart enough and I understand that I’m not upsetting them. I’m sure that their behavior and reactions are caused by their own problems in their personal lives” says the Canadian chef. 

For those who are just thinking about applying drawings to the body, Remy advises to think very well first. He believes that tattoos, and especially a large number of them, should be a conscious choice of each individual person.

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