“He Left Everything Behind.” 27 Years Ago, A Former Millionaire Moved To A Desert Island

 “He Left Everything Behind.” 27 Years Ago, A Former Millionaire Moved To A Desert Island

People who have managed to achieve great success often think that there is no meaning in their life, and therefore they want some kind of change. And when a person dreams of his secluded island, sometimes things go beyond the scope of jokes.

This is how an Australian named David Glashin changed his fate. He thought for a long time and realized that nothing was interesting in his life. After reviewing his values, the man concluded that it is best to live on a desert island. Is he happy with his own choice, and how did he go about it?
It all happened when David decided to invest in the business completely. As a result, he went bankrupt on the shares of the company. This was a great tragedy for the millionaire, which caused him to become depressed. Material goods are no longer as important to him as they used to be.

In 1993, he had some savings, thanks to which he rented a deserted island for himself for a long time. That’s all he wanted then. As soon as the relatives found out about the man’s act, they thought that he was only joking. It seemed to be a show. Still, David used to love bright and loud performances.

But Glashin continues to live on the island for 30 years, and he is quite happy with his new life. For the first few years, his family members hoped that he would return and set things right in the company, but this did not happen. Business ceased to be of interest to him. During his stay on the island, the former millionaire got used to calmness and began to feel much better. He has a true friend – the dog Quasi. The animal dilutes the loneliness of the owner and helps him in difficult moments.

It should be noted that David even had a girlfriend, thanks to whom he wanted to continue to be on the island. It was she who pushed him to change in fate.
But this lady herself could not be in such conditions. She could not get used to the lack of civilization. So now the man is completely alone and does not communicate with the opposite sex. But he is grateful to the former for such a good idea.

The lifestyle that David is now leading is called downshifting. The former millionaire has changed a lot. All his thoughts about normality turned out to be wrong. Now he enjoys sunrises in his bungalow and enjoys walks with Quasi.

He also learned how to survive in the wild. Now he can fish and hunt. At first, Glashin wanted to become a vegetarian but realized that it was not for him. According to the constitution, he is far from thin, and at such a venerable age it is too late to change his eating habits.
Sometimes tourists come to the former millionaire. He doesn’t mind talking to people. Some even gave him a mannequin, with which a resident of a secluded island is captured in photographs. He shares his images on his own, as he brought solar panels with him. Thanks to this, he maintains contact with the world.
On the Internet, David sees nothing wrong. In his opinion, there is knowledge that could be obtained from books. But if you constantly ask someone to bring new items, then you will have to depend on this person. And he doesn’t like it. It’s easier to find everything you need on the web.

According to Glashin, he was not mistaken in his choice. The millions he previously had are nothing more than pieces of paper. There is no use for them on this island. More importantly, he learned to survive in difficult conditions. He is sure that if he did not want to return to the city for 30 years, then he will spend the rest of his days like that.
Of course, David, by his decision, left his relatives without money. They still will not accept the idea that he did not want to return after a few years. And so forgiveness is out of the question.

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