“Her Face Is Like An Iron”. A Centaur Woman Disfigured Herself With New Plastic

 “Her Face Is Like An Iron”. A Centaur Woman Disfigured Herself With New Plastic

Natasha Crown demonstrated the result of another operation.

The 27-year-old blogger came to plastic surgery seven years ago when she set herself the main goal – to become a woman with the largest buttocks in the world. Gradually, Natasha began to go through numerous Brazilian butt lifts, which helped her to find the desired shape.
In total, Crown made five operations, but there was one more, which will allow her to break the world record.
At the moment, Natasha is already satisfied with the result, although she is experiencing certain difficulties due to the new figure . But these moments still do not stop the girl from having numerous operations. Including other parts of the body.

Recently, Natasha showed the result of the last procedure on the TikTok social network. The blogger wanted to make her face more attractive, so she decided on the “Jolie corners”. After this procedure, the lines of the cheekbones and chin become almost geometrically clear – like Angelina’s.

But in the case of Crown, the cosmetologist injected so much filler under the skin that the face of a centaur woman began to look like an iron . And together with voluminous lips and extended eyelashes, the image began to look simply intimidating.

Natasha does not see any flaws in her appearance. She believes that each new operation only makes her better and more beautiful. True, Crown is still aware that her image is rather extravagant and may even repel someone.

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