How Miss International 2022 Looks Like In Ordinary Life

 How Miss International 2022 Looks Like In Ordinary Life

The annual Miss International pageant has ended in Japan.

The competition was attended by girls from completely different countries, but only one was awarded the crown – a 22-year-old representative of Germany Jasmine Selberg.
Even though the girl spoke from this country, she was born in Tallinn in a family of Estonians. When the girl was one year old, she moved to Germany with her parents.

The blond and blue-eyed beauty is proud of her roots and tries to visit her relatives in Estonia as often as possible. And her grandmother, who is a famous Estonian illustrator, instilled in her granddaughter a love of art.
From a young age, Selberg was drawn to beauty, for example, she actively showed interest in anime. The girl is still crazy about Japanese cartoons, and manga and even likes to dress up in costumes of her favorite characters.
German social networks are full of photos of cats, goats, and horses. The latter occupy a certain place in the life of Yasmin. The girl loves horseback riding.

It was the love of animals that led the girl to the sale of feed. For some time Zelberg worked as a salesperson. After she entered the Ruhr University at the Faculty of History and Philosophy. After becoming a bachelor, Yasmina worked for a while as a marketer, translator, and sales manager.

But at some point, Yasmina came across an ad on the net for recruitment of participants for a beauty contest and decided to try.
“Once I saw an invitation to a casting on a social network. Since I always dreamed of becoming a model, I decided to go. And I succeeded,” said the model.

Surprisingly, for the sake of beauty contests, Yasmin completely revised her appearance – she turned from a brunette into a blonde. The representative of Germany began to give preference to nude makeup and focus on naturalness.
In addition to Miss International 2022, Zelberg also participated in the Miss Globe 2021 beauty pageant in Albania and the Miss Supranational 2022 pageant in Poland. She also reached the finals of the national selection for the Miss Universe contest along with 14 competitors, but then she could not get into the top five.

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