Howling dog called for help to his brother that fell into the hole!

 Howling dog called for help to his brother that fell into the hole!

The story we want to tell you today happened earlier this month in Chile. Willians Mollo Flores decided to take a little walk with his dog. Walking near the old construction site, Flores noticed that his dog had sniffed something and was pointing in the direction of the construction site.

The owner of the dog knew immediately that something had happened. “The dog took me to the side of the construction site and we found an abandoned puppy that was howling a lot. The animal was trying to get people’s attention,” Flores told The Dodo.

The puppy called not only for help to himself, but also for help to another dog, which fell into a deep hole and could not get out.

The man did not know what to do, the moment was very tense. He ran home and got rope, water and some food. The man himself climbed into the hole and managed to pull out the puppy. The rescued puppy joyfully ran up to another puppy. They apparently were siblings.

The dogs were very hungry and weak. They barely walked. Flores stayed with them and decided to ask other people through the social network for help.

Valeska Torres Tapia saw Flores’ request and being an animal rescuer couldn’t refuse. She came to the dogs despite the fact that it was already almost night.

Tapia took the dogs to her home, bathed them and fed them. The dogs were named Angel and Salvador. The brothers were inseparable.

“I have never seen such caring puppies. They hug each other, lick and do not part for a moment. Puppies seem to be used to surviving together,” Tapia said.

Tapia knew that if she gave dogs to a shelter they would be separated and adopted by different families. Therefore, she decided not to separate the brothers and adopt them both.

“I don’t want to separate them. May their love and devotion be eternal”, Tapya Said.


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