Husband Leaves Wife For Gaining Weight. A Year Later She Wins A Beauty Contest

 Husband Leaves Wife For Gaining Weight. A Year Later She Wins A Beauty Contest

With each year Alvina Rein’s and her husband’s relationship kept on getting worse. 

She picked on getting her stress out of her system with high-calorie foods and that’s why her husband would bully her for gaining weight.

 With all that tension between them, her husband decided to leave. Anyone in Alvina’s place would’ve gone into depression, but that motivated her to gather her willpower, go to the gym and start working on herself. 

problems in Alvina’s marriage began a few years ago,  that’s when she constantly appealed to fast food.

By the time her husband left her, she weighed 124 kilograms.  What’s interesting, is that after the divorce Alvina became motivated enough to start losing weight, she didn’t give in to the food after her divorce.

She started to change herself.  She gave up junk food and began a healthy lifestyle. She began to exercise every day. 

Yes, at the beginning it was pretty hard for her, but after not giving up for six months, she could see the difference herself. In her posts, Alvina mentions that after a long time she realized that it was her previous relationship that weighed her down.  

Now she has started a new life where she is healthy and happy. 

She lost almost 60 kilos and that was when she decided to enter a beauty pageant.

At first, she just wanted to prove to herself that she has changed and that she wasn’t the same Alvina she was a year ago. Little did she know she would enter the shortlist and become the finalist of the show. 

At the same time, she decided to help other women change and became a fitness instructor. 

As she claims, she would never be where she is now and would be the Alvina she is without all the stress she went through

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