“I Had To Lose Weight, But I Resisted!” Jennifer Lawrence Spoke About The Filming Of “The Hunger Games”

 “I Had To Lose Weight, But I Resisted!” Jennifer Lawrence Spoke About The Filming Of “The Hunger Games”

Jennifer Lawrence reminisced about her bad career experience. 32-year-old American actress told how she was forced to lose weight for the role in the film.

The Oscar winner is best known for her role in The Hunger Games. In it, Jennifer played the main role. The saga, based on the books by Suzanne Collins, occupies a special place in the life of the actress.

When Lawrence was invited to play Katniss Everdeen, she was only 20 years old. The actress still remembers the pressure that she had on the set.
“This role was a big responsibility for me. After the Oscars, I couldn’t screw up. And the only thing I remember well was how they forced me to lose weight for the sake of the role! I remember how they called me before filming and asked how many kilograms I was going to lose, ”said Jennifer.

In the franchise, the heroine Lawrence is a young girl who tries to stay alive during violent games. Project leaders argued that Jennifer needed to lose weight to match Katniss, who grew up in poverty and did not eat enough.
“I understood that these films would be based on books. The audience is children. I had to please everyone. Literally every day they pressed me, demanding to lose weight, but I flatly refused to go on a diet. And not only for himself but also for the sake of his young fans. I was young, I was growing up, and couldn’t diet. Plus, I don’t want girls who are going to dress up as Katniss to feel like they can’t do it just because they’re not thin enough,” Jennifer admitted.
The actress is categorically against various diets and does not support rapid weight loss. Jennifer has repeatedly stated that she is not going to starve herself for the role. The only thing she is ready to do in sports. Lawrence exercises daily.

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