In Brazil people helped a giant armadillo return to the wild

 In Brazil people helped a giant armadillo return to the wild

A large number of armadillos live throughout the United States and Central America. But there are Giant armadillos (Priodontes maximus) that live in South America and can weigh more than a person.

Usually in adulthood they weigh about 20-32 kg, but there are cases when a giant armadillo weighed 54 kg, and in zoos some individuals can gain weight up to 60 kg and even up to 80 kg.

In length, they reach about a meter, plus a tail of half a meter. These are the largest of all armadillo species, yet they are very rare and considered a vulnerable species.

Giant armadillos have up to 100 teeth directed backwards – the largest number of teeth among land mammals.

They have large claws on the forelimbs, especially on the third toe that can reach a length of up to 20 cm. Their claws are considered the longest claws in the animal world.

Giant armadillos are very difficult to see in the wild, so little is known about them. But recently, one giant armadillo somehow appeared in the crowded streets of the municipality of Barra do Garzas in Brazil.

Fortunately, the animal was quickly noticed and rescuers were called. They came and took the armadillo to the veterinarian.

The armadillo was completely healthy, and obviously he wandered into the city by accident. Rescuers decided to take him to the wild. They brought the armadillo deeper into the forest and released him there.

The armadillo rushed into the forest and disappeared between the trees.

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