In Maryland, a police officer rescued an owl that was sitting motionless on the road!

 In Maryland, a police officer rescued an owl that was sitting motionless on the road!

Recently, early in the morning, someone noticed a perched owl right in the middle of a busy suburban highway. Cars drove around the bird. The owl was apparently injured, so it could not fly.

Many people started calling the police and reporting about the owl. Michael Latrum, a Maryland Natural Resources Enforcement Officer, happened to be nearby and arrived at the spot where the owl was. In addition, Latrum already had experience with birds, so he decided to go on this business.

Seeing an owl sitting in the middle of the road, the policeman knew right away what to do. He took off his jacket, cautiously approached the bird, and then quickly threw his jacket over it and wrapped the owl in it. First of all, he covered the owl’s head so that she was in the dark and calmed down, then he covered the bird’s legs so that he would not be scratched by owl’s sharp claws.

Latrum carried the subdued bird into his car and placed on the seat next to the driver’s seat. The owl realized that Latrum was not dangerous and stopped resisting. The bird looked around in surprise, she was still in a state of shock and disorientation, but did not show signs of aggression, she only seemed surprised and confused.

As you can see in the photo the man did not even put on a glove, apparently he was sure that the bird would not scratch. She made no attempt to break free and attack the man.The owl twitched and scratched fingers only when Latrum passed the bird to another person.

Careless drivers would have thrown the owl under the car if the brave policeman hadn’t saved the bird.

The policeman brought the owl to the wild animal shelter. Frisky’s Wildlife and Primate Sanctuary’s staff examined the bird and found no serious injuries. The owl will soon recover and be released back into the wild.


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