It was hard to look at this dog without crying. But love and care turned her into a real cutie

 It was hard to look at this dog without crying. But love and care turned her into a real cutie

The heroine of this story is Pippa. It is a 7 weeks old Chihuahua.

The animal was so pathetic that it was impossible to look at it without tears. The baby’s skin was covered with sores and there was no hair on it. A girl named Amanda saw the photos of this baby and to the shelter to take the dog into foster care.

Pippa did not come to a new place alone. The whole dog family was with her: her mother, father and brother. They all suffered from scabies, but Pippa was the weakest.

She began to take care of the poor animal and got to know her character and behavior better. She turned out to be a real cutie and a very kind pet. Amanda told The Dodo that Pippa loves to cuddle and burrow into the blanket. The girl herself was next to her all the time.

The dog was treated with special baths, medicines and careful nutrition. After a while, the scabs began to heal, and fur grew instead of them. The dog turned out to be a brave baby and got along with her big friends.

She already had two dogs, one of which was a 36 kg pit bull. But the size of her friends did not bother our heroine at all. Pippa chased the tails of her big brothers and fawned over them. Amanda also took Pippa to work with her every day.

Amanda posted her pet’s photos on social networks and shared the story of her life. The story went viral and the doggy became popular.

So Pippa found her true home. Terry Dickenson’s family saw the dog and liked the animal so much that they decided to “adopt” her.

At that time Pippa has already had a thick fur.

The dog liked her new home and feels great there.

Pippa has already made friends with the Dickensons’ other pets.

The owners think that their decision to adopt Pippa was the best in their life. They are happy to have such a bright and devoted dog. She is an important part of their family. “We love her and that love is mutual. That is the most important,” they say.


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