“It’s Amazing How Age Befits Them!” Stars Who Are Better Now Than They Were 20

 “It’s Amazing How Age Befits Them!” Stars Who Are Better Now Than They Were 20

Youth has its advantages. No wrinkles, beautiful oval face, sparkling eyes. But for some reason, some stars in adulthood look more attractive than at a young age. Why does everything turn out the way it does? Let’s try to figure it out.

Jennifer Lopez

At 20, Jennifer was a very hot girl. But she spoiled her own appearance with improperly selected cosmetics. Lopez wore brown lipstick, which didn’t go well with her dark hair. Fortunately, gradually Jennifer realized that she needed to focus on her eyes. She also dyed her hair blonde with the effect of burnt hair.

Victoria Beckham

No one could have thought that Victoria was very fond of mother-of-pearl shadows, made herself ragged haircuts and put a lot of shimmer on her face. Still, now she is a trendsetter. Gradually, Victoria realized that calm makeup in brown shades suits her best. In addition, she tries to smile as little as possible in order to look more attractive. Knowing her strengths, Victoria really amazes the opposite sex. And many women envy her.

Dita Von Teese

It is almost impossible to believe that Dita once had blond hair. At 20, she did not stand out from the crowd of attractive girls. But then I found my own unique style. Now she looks gorgeous. Black hair, porcelain skin and bright red lipstick really suit her.

Angelina Jolie

At 45, the actress looks gorgeous. True, lately she prefers discreet makeup and cosmetics. In general, the image of a confident woman suits Jolie very well, but some fans remember her completely differently. At one time, she could be called a sex bomb with a bold and sensual look. But she completed the whole picture with not the most beautiful makeup, dark lipsticks and strange shades of hair. Fortunately, in adulthood, she improved.

Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer was wrong in almost the same way as her colleagues. She dyed her hair too dark. The color of the lipstick didn’t suit her either. But now Aniston looks beyond praise. A haircut helps to mask all the imperfections of the face oval.

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